Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Most Powerful Superfood To Be Released In March

The are no words to express my excitement!

I am so honored to be amongst the first 80 leaders to learn first-hand about an exclusive, life-changing, revolutionary, and super-powerful NEW SUPERFOOD that will be introduced to the market along backed by years of clinical research on March 13th by Waiora in Orlando, Florida.

Allow me to introduce AgariGold with H1x1 - a SUPER hybrid mushroom based on the heirloom strain of the Agaricus Blazei Mushroom (first studied by Takatshi Furumoto more than 40 years ago) with a newly researched complementary agaricus strain to create a hybrid mushroom that's 10 times more potent than it's parent.

Whats more, it's paired with Sasa Bamboo Leaf Extract - a rare and powerful natural preservative (with anti-biotic and anti-tumor qualities) used by the Japanese to wrap and preserve Sushi for days without refrigeration.

Even better, AgariGold H1X1 supports NK Cell activity (NK cells target tumor cells and protect against many infectious diseases) so you can just begin to imagine what this superfood can do for the health of all mankind!

This product holds two patents for the extraction and manufacturing process, and has a DNA fingerprint so valuable - it's kept in locked vaults in 2 different countries. Best of all - it's 100% organic, USDA approved, and JSA approved (Japan) and as a superfood, has over 100 beneficial nutrients that will protect and nourish our bodies.

A Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, who has had the priviledge of using this amazing supplement for the past 5 years shared case after case of STAGGERING results she's seen with animals and humans who have used the AgariGold H1X1 Mushroom.

One study mentioned at the conference is as follows:

University of Tokyo Study
  • Guinea pigs were intentionally given cancer. After taking AgariGold H1X1, 100% of the Guinea pigs recovered.
  • Guinea pigs that were given AgariGold H1X1 as a preventive measure - 99% of the guinea pigs never got cancer.
AgariGold H1X1 will become the gold standard for health, and is expected to create a tidal wave of growth for Waiora - many of us estimate an increase of 1000% and more over the coming months - and you're learning about it before it even comes out.

If you could be passionate about spreading this urgent message around the world. Join us on our mission! The income potential with our company is unlimited, and the timing is absolutely perfect.

Do your due diligence today. Go to http://www.SuperMushroomInfo.com to learn more about how you and your family will benefit.
We will be impacting millions of people's lives with AgariGold H1X1. Will yours be one of them?

If you're interested in receiving updates about this product, email Lynn@LynnHarrisberger.com today